[FAR Schools]: FAR Opens Renovated Music School in Argavand

  • October 24, 2014 3:26 pm

FAR is again doing its best to help develop education in Armenia.

On September 26, we re-opened a completely renovated music school in the village of Argavand – it is now named after Maestro Arsen Sayan http://www.armenianculturalfoundation.org/default.aspx?view=article&id=29.

After 6 months of renovation that FAR implemented thanks to the generous donation of Armenian musicologist, educator, and social worker, Arsen Saryan, the Argavand Music School greeted its students in a brand new and comfortable building. The renovation and furnishing costs consisted of $105,000.

The Argavand Music School is the third music school that FAR has renovated in recent years – following the Oshakan Music School and Gyumri’s #6 Octet Music School.

Many state officials, renowned composers, cultural and public figures, as well as other distinguished guests attended the opening ceremony. Maestro Sayan was awarded the Medal of St. Gregory of Narek by the Ministry of Culture of RA for his contribution developing the culture of Armenian.

“Today is one of the happiest days of our lives,” said Arsen Sayan while greeting the school’s guests. “Today with you I am celebrating the fruits of my 60-year-old career.”

Arsen Sayan has dedicated 60 years of his life to developing choral arts – founding and directing the “Shoghak,” “Qnar,” and “Ani” choirs in both his homeland and the diaspora. For more than 25 years, he worked as the musical-cultural programs editor at the “Voice of America” radio channel’s Armenian department, becoming a unique bridge between uniting Armenian diasporan communities and contributing to the preservation of the Armenian national spirit.

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[FAR Yerevan]: FAR Awarded a Gold Medal for its Excellent Work in Armenia

  • October 21, 2014 3:18 pm

We are happy to share exciting news with FAR’s friends about a recent award that FAR received from the head of Armenia’s Capital. The Gold Medal from Yerevan’s Mayor in recognition of outstanding work in Yerevan was given to FAR during a ceremony held at Yerevan’s City Hall on October 11, in celebration of the city’s 2,796th birthday.

Other recipients of the Gold Medal included the Children’s Center of Armenian General Benevolent Union and of the Holy See, and the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies. Awards were also given out to various individuals for their work in architecture and urban development, sports, culture, healthcare, and state and public activity.

We are deeply grateful for the honor and promise to continue to work as effectively as possible to serve the people of Yerevan and Armenia.

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[GTech]: New Interns, New Round of Promising Journey

  • October 17, 2014 3:03 pm

GTech Intern Ashot Harutyunyan

Early in August 2014 GTech first-year Web Technologies student Ashot Harutyunyan, with his other groupmates Arzin Nikolyan, Davit Tumasyan, Tsoghik Badoyan, Hovhannes Gasparyan, Petros Davtyan, and Lusine Sargsyan started their internship at GTech.

The goal of this internship is to pay special attention to comprehensive training of such programming languages as PHP, Java, JavaScript and Objective C and also strengthening teamwork.

Being a graduate of “Imastaser Anania Shirakatsi” University, Ashot Harutyunyan sees his future in GTech.

“I really enjoy this practice, as it is a good start and basis for my future life. I am working in an exciting, innovative, fast-paced environment, receiving valuable hands-on experience from the most talented professionals in the IT field,” Ashot pointed.

Presently, there are about 70 trainees at GTech, who are participating in trainings and practice within the QS methodology “Enhance Workforce Skills and Business Development via Quick Start Methodology”, in different top Armenian IT companies, but seven of them are now interning with GTech.

“We are proud of our interns. GTech internships are a great possibility for our students to work on challenging projects, jump-start their career and bring what they learn in the classroom to life. We believe that good employees and a good working environment are the most important factors for any company today,” GTech executive director Amalya Yeghoyan underlined.

GTech wishes all new interns good luck in their future career.

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[FAR Scholarships]: Empowering Youth, Ensuring a Better Future

  • October 13, 2014 2:55 pm

Anahit Chalikyan is a future regional expert

Anahit Chalikyan is a future regional expert. She is studying regional policy in Yerevan State University’s department of International Relations.

Anahit, a new Armine and Karapet Zambak scholar, just signed her contract with FAR, which means that FAR will support her throughout her graduate studies. In return, she has to study well, be an active learner and citizen, and work in her native Armenia after graduating. However, none of this is an issue for our petite but wise Anahit.

“I can’t imagine my future outside of Armenia,” she says. “There is a huge need for regional experts here and I want to serve my country with my knowledge. For example, I would like to help put Armenia on the path to success through my careful analysis.”

Anahit is one of eight new Armine and Karapet Zambak Scholars for the 2014-2015 academic year. Talking to them FAR Executive Director Garnik Nanagoulian explained the way that FAR’s youth programs work and their mission.

Mr. Nanagoulian emphasized that FAR has numerous programs to serve Armenia’s youth: scholarships for students, grants for scientists, and employment through FAR’s GTech (IT Center) in Gyumri.
“Our ultimate goal is to help our youth, since they are going be the future leaders of Armenia. I also wish you well and hope that you find your niche while giving back to your people at least a small bit of what you, yourselves, have been granted,” said Mr. Nanagoulian.

Armine Zambak created the Armine and Garabed Zambak Scholarship in honor of her husband, the late Garabed Zambak, a successful entrepreneur and business leader in Istanbul who was especially dedicated to preserving Armenian heritage. After Garabed’s death in 1977, Armine continued his legacy. Both Armine and Garabed believed strongly in furthering educational opportunities and this particular program is a testament to those beliefs. Pontish Yeramyan, the couples’ eldest daughter, has been a member of FAR’s Board of Directors since 2006. She, too, continues in her father’s footsteps to strengthen Armenia’s future through a commitment to continuing this scholarship program, which is helping young Armenians to become strong and dedicated future leaders in politics, international relations and public administration. The program has supported 18 students since its establishment in 2010.

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[Ayo!]: Young Helper, Great Assistant

  • October 9, 2014 1:19 pm

This past summer FAR’s Ayo! team invited Arman to join them as a volunteer and for the past three months, they have already had a very fruitful and effective collaboration

Meet Arman Andreasyan, the youngest member of FAR’s Ayo! team!

Always cheerful and positive, 15-year-old Arman is a high school student in his 11th grade and a member of the National Scout Movement of Armenia. Yet, this is not all about him, because most of all he is a concerned citizen of Armenia and is involved in various civic and social movements and initiatives.

Arman recently participated in the civic initiative “Save the Afrikyans’ Club House” by bravely standing in front of the old cultural building for two weeks. Though the old building’s demolishing by the authorities drove Arman into sadness and depression, it didn’t break the twinkle in his eyes and the eagerness to make the world a better place – quite a large task for a teenager.

This past summer FAR’s Ayo! team invited Arman to join them as a volunteer and for the past three months, they have already had a very fruitful and effective collaboration.

The first Ayo! initiative in which Arman participated was one for the Protective Walls project. Ever since joining the Ayo! team, Arman has dutifully volunteered for each and every event of the project. He proved to be a very patient and detailed presenter during a crowdfunding initiative at the Charles Aznavour Square in Yerevan where about $350 were raised. He eagerly approached those passing by to explain the urgency of the matter, telling the stories of the people who live in the dangerous border area and the importance of the wall that the project aims to build. Encouraged by his first try, Arman then initiated another fundraising with “The SmAll bodies” band and managed to crowdfund about $28.

Arman’s start with Ayo! was successful and was followed by different new initiatives and events where the multifaceted and multi-skilled Arman has been a great asset to the Ayo! team. Today the teenager continues to support the platform’s current projects and is prepared to conquer more and more challenges.

We wish Arman to continue being enthusiastic and brave with the most generous and loving heart that he has!

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[FAR Schools]: Better for Children, Better for Future of Armenia

  • October 7, 2014 3:35 pm

Opening ceremony of the new sport gym and playground in Chinchin village
Starting on September 10, more than 270 schoolchildren in the Berd region of the Tavush Province will be able to play in better conditions after FAR finished renovating three outdoor playgrounds in schools in Berd, Varagavan, and Chinchin, as well as a gymnasium in Chinchin.

The playgrounds and the gym were renovated and expanded within FAR’s 5-year Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program (BCPP)* in the Tavush that launched in 2013. The program focuses on education, health, economic development, and social conditions in the city of Berd and its 7 surrounding villages.

The payground in Chinchin will serve not only the village’s 50 students, but also all of the resident children and youth.

“I love playing sports. Seeing this new spacious gym inspires me and makes me want to play even more. I would like to express thanks on behalf of all children in my village for such opportunities,” says 12th grader and Chinhin resident Hasmik Gabrielyan at the opening ceremony of the gym.

FAR’s Executive Director Garnik Nanagoulian and the Tavush Province’s Education, Youth, and Sports Department Director Karen Nazaryan were the ones to cut the ribbon to the new playground in Berd’s School #4.

“The play areas in Berd, Varagavan, and Chinchin are an important investment for our region, as they will allow our children to grow up in a healthy manner and to realize their most anticipated dreams, while also hosting the community’s sports events,” said Mr. Nazaryan.

The day was especially festive for the residents of villages and remote districts of Berd.

FAR’s Education and Science Programs Manager Edik Karapetyan noted that the opening of the new play areas is only one small part of FAR’s programs in Tavush. “The opening of these playgrounds was made possible thanks to mutual efforts, for which we are first and foremost thankful to BCPP’s sponsors – the Mardigian Family – as well as representatives of the community and the schools.”

You can feel the mood of the festive day by watching the video prepared by Berd TV here.

“Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, Developing Thriving Communities” was founded by the Mardigian Family Foundation through the largest-ever contribution made to FAR.

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[GTech] Going After New Horizons

  • October 2, 2014 1:24 pm

Do you know what it means to support the development of the IT Sector in Armenia’s second largest city Gyumri that is still recovering from the devastating earthquake of 1988?

FAR’s GTech director Amalya Yeghoyan’s interview with Asbarez News will tell you how GTech works toward it daily.

The interview first introduced the Gyumri IT Center (GTech) and then discusses the objective of the Center which is to provide a pool of IT expertise in the area in order to attract industry and improve Gyumri’s economy. GTech was established and financed by FAR, the Enterprise Incubator Foundation, and Shirak Technologies Ltd. together with generous donations by diaspora and local Armenians.

Amalya Yeghaoyan starts her interview with general overview and with the helpful questions of the interviewer, Joseph Dagdigian, she gets into detail.

“GITC is already 9 years old. It has operated since 2005, and we have two basic programs: academic and business. Every year the number of students as well as the number of graduates increases. Our education consists of two different sections: Web technology and mobile technology. Topics in web technology include Static and Dynamic Web development, Java Programming and all the other technologies that will make students effective web developers. In the mobile curriculum the focus is on IOS and Android computer system technology. In our program we have had a lot of success: 97% of our graduates have found work in Armenia,” Amalya Yeghoyan said on her part.

“In Gyumri?” interviewer Joseph Dagdigian asked.

“Unfortunately not all in Gyumri, many in Yerevan,” Yeghoyan explained. “In Gyumri there are not so many companies involved in this kind of work. But now with the establishment of the Gyumri Technology Park, many technology companies are considering opening branches in Gyumri. Our biggest partner, UNICEF Armenia, is focused on e-learning, on-line teaching, which we have been involved with for one year and which has been growing. We are implementing e-learning systems and have US based clients. An example is the Toufayan Bakery in New Jersey. We are working with different mobile and web clients in Germany.”

You can read the whole interview here.

We thank Asbarez News for this great interview!

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