[GTech]: Presentation of E-Learning Project in UNICEF Armenia

  • December 10, 2014 10:24 am

Presentation of the E-Learning platform

On October 8, 2014 GTech Executive Director Amalya Yeghoyan, Chief Technical Officer Edward Divanyan and GTech Solutions team member Naira Varosyan presented an E-Learining platform developed by GTech staff especially for UNICEF Armenia to representatives of UNICEF and Armenian ministries. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the purpose of the platform, to demonstrate it, and to receive feedback for final improvements.

The GTech team is proud to have UNICEF Armenia as its unique partner within the successful implementation and submission of the E-Learning project to make educational material accessible to relevant practitioners, stakeholders, and segments of the general public. GTech’s presentation about the online (web) and offline (software application) functions of the E-Learning platform was much appreciated by the representatives of the Armenian ministries. They underlined the platform’s critical role in conducting governmental trainings in terms of reducing costs and etc.

“We are grateful to UNICEF Armenia for financing and supporting this project and especially for their trust in GTech and Gyumri to develop the project,” said GTech Executive Director Amalya Yeghoyan.

“This is a perfect example of decentralizing the high-tech industry from [Armenia’s] capital city to the northern region. We are happy that the partnership between UNICEF Armenia and GTech will continue giving birth to other new and innovative projects for the benefit of our country!” – she added.

At the end of the meeting with UNICEF representatives, the two parties discussed the further management, finalization, and promotion of the platform and the courses.

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[FAR Yerevan]: Old Friend, New Achievements: Mr. Sayan’s Visit to Yerevan

  • December 8, 2014 2:56 am

September was a very eventful month for FAR. Along with opening three playgrounds and an indoor gymnasium in the Tavush region, as well as two soup kitchens in the Kotayk region of Armenia, we hosted an educator, artist, philanthropist, and honorary professor of the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory Arsen Sayan for a entire week in Yerevan.

Maestro Sayan was in Armenia to officially open the Argavand Music School that was renovated by FAR thanks to his generous donation. In a gesture of deep appreciation and respect, the Argavand, Ararat community has renamed the school after him.

Maestro Sayan used the time before the official ceremony very productively. During his week in Yerevan he visited his dear Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory where he studied many years ago and where he also taught. Maestro’s meeting with the Conservatory’s Arsen Sayan Stipend recipients was warm and sincere, and was valued by Conservatory rector Prof. Shahen Shahinyan, People’s Artist, composer, and professor Robert Amirkhanyan, President of the Musical Society of Armenia and Honored Cultural Worker Prof. David Ghazaryan, and other professors.

Students told of their recent successes and upcoming plans, some of them performed and amazed Maestro. Elen Eghiazaryan and Mariana Martirosyan (vocal), Asdghik Anhtsuts (canon), and Artur Harutyunyan (piano) notified Maestro that they participated in a series of competitions with some notable success.

20 of the conservatory’s best students have been receiving the Arsen Sayan Stipend for the past 16 years.

While walking by a classroom in the conservatory, Mr. Sayan heard the sound of music and wanted to find out what it was. When he found out that the sounds were coming from the conservatory’s symphony orchestra rehearsal, he asked to visit the orchestra musicians for a bit.

It turned out that the conductor – Anna Manukyan – was a Sayan Stipend recipient some years ago. Anna told us that she graduated from the conservatory’s conducting department. She is currently in her last year of studies in the opera conducting department and is enthusiastically spending her apprenticeship with the members of the student orchestra.

In addition to visiting the Conservatory, Mr. Sayan alo spent an entire day with FAR – visiting FAR’s office and soup kitchen in Yerevan, as well as the FAR Children’s Center.

While Mr. Sayan was very satisfied with FAR’s activities, we also want to thank our generous benefactor for his continuous support to Armenia.

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[FAR Education]: New Partnership Creates Great Opportunity

  • December 5, 2014 3:21 pm

A new partnership forged by FAR between Rutgers University and the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia (NUACA) offers a great opportunity for Armenian students.

Fifty students from Armenia, along with several university professors, attended the Engineering Project Management and Construction Project Management/Quality Control courses, which were held at NUACA in Yerevan in November. Taught by US professors Dr. Vahan Tanal and Dr. David Mikaelian (who also represent the Armenian Engineers and Scientists Association of America), the courses offered the fundamentals of modern engineering in project management, designed to introduce the attendees to the best practices in the United States, while also giving them an opportunity to further pursue a degree program.

Thirty eight attendees who successfully completed the courses were awarded by curriculum certificates by Rutgers University.

The American professors were impressed by the quality of knowledge, intellectual curiosity and ability to absorb a large volume of the lecture material as demonstrated by most of the students, as stated one of the lecturers, Vahan Tanal. They were also interested to learn that the NUACA Rector Dr. Gagik Galstyan and his administration are seeking guidance in their efforts to revise the curriculum and establish a modern system of teaching at the university.

Encouraged by the success of this first collaboration example, representatives of Rutgers and NUACA also developed a blueprint for expanding their cooperation to the next phases. For this purpose, a Memorandum of Cooperation between RU and NUACA was developed, and the parties agreed to expand the delivery of Rutgers lectures combining in-campus presentation of them with on-line offerings, especially in the areas of specific interest to NUACA.

In addition, Rutgers representatives agreed to explore possibilities of assisting their Armenian colleagues in establishing a brand new National Testing Laboratory at NUACA where state of the art equipment and technology can serve major infrastructure projects throughout Armenia.

The project and its continuation are made possible thanks to a generous sponsorship by FAR’s visionary friend Ms. Sandra Shahinian Leitner and SJS Foundation, as well as a contribution from the Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America.

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[FAR CASP]: A Bright Woman Story

  • December 3, 2014 1:45 pm

37-year-old Arpik Grigoryan has been raising her three children on her own for four years now. Her mother-in-law has been her sole helper during her husband’s quickly worsening lung illness and following his subsequent death.

While Arpik carries the weight of taking care of the entire family with a smile on her face, her mother-in-law takes care of the children and some light work around the house since she has recently undergone surgery and is not in good health.

Arpik takes care of their three cows and their calves, sheep and lambs, chickens and chicks, as well as their land. In the evenings, she kneads dough in Brnakot’s small bread bakery.

“If you live in a village and don’t do all of these things, you won’t be able to survive, but I don’t mind – as long as I’m healthy, I’ll do everything,” says Arpik, a bit anxious about the coming winter since her potato and bean crop was very low this year due to the shortage of irrigation water.

“People ask me, ‘Arpik, why do you go and knead dough?’ but with the 1000 drams [about $2.5] that I get everyday, I can buy candy for my kids,” proudly says this young and ambitious woman.

This year Arpik’s middle daughter Nune has been enrolled in FAR’s Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP), through which different families residing in the U.S. send financial support to fatherless children in Armenia’s regions at least once a year.

Nune, who is very quick on her feet, is Mom’s very good helper, studies very well in school, likes drawing and technology classes, and loves all members of her family equally.

“I want a doll and a children’s Bible so I can read it,” says 8-year-old Nune, sharing her dream.

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[FAR Soup Kitchens]: A Glimpse of Helping the Hungry

  • December 1, 2014 12:59 pm

On September 4, FAR officially opened two soup kitchens in the cities of Byureghavan and Nor Hajn, both located in the Kotayk Region. The kitchens have been operating since the spring and host 300 people – mostly elderly, the disabled and large families – every day thanks to kindness and generosity of the Hacet Family from Louisville, KY, USA.

Watch our new video and get a better idea of how these soup kitchens really help those who need it most.

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[FAR Art Programs]: New Instruments to Enhance Music Education Program

  • November 28, 2014 3:28 pm

Last month, the students of Sistema Armenia received four new cellos, three violas, one violin, and a number of music stands. The instruments were purchased through the crowdfunding efforts of OneArmenia and will allow the children to reach their full potential through the power of music.

We are happy to have helped deliver the new instruments to Armenia as we believe strongly in Sistema Armenia’s mission to bring about social change through music.

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